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The Child Behind The Eyes - the Hebrew production

(with English Surtitles)

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The Child Behind the Eyes (הילד מאחורי העיניים) is a monodrama by Nava Semel (1954-2017)

It is the story of Thelma, a mother to a child with Down Syndrome.

On the morning that he has to go to school for the first time, she's telling about her fears and her hopes; how the outside world relates to her challenged son and to others like him.

It's a play about love, life, loyalty. Sprinkled with humor, as well as longing and hope. 

Directed by Lia Koenig, performed in Hebrew by Erga Netz, 

Previous performances:

28-11-2018, 19:00, in Amsterdam, (Crea theatre) *

2-12-2018, 15:00, in Den Haag (Korzo Theatre) *

17-12-2018, 20:00, in Tel Aviv (Habimah theatre)

20-12-2018, 20:00, in Beer Sheva (Fringe theatre)

12-1-2019, 20:00, in Haarlem (Circus Hakim) 

19-1-2019, 20:00, in Leiden (Imperium theatre)

26-1-2019, 20:00, in Rotterdam ('t Kapelletje theatre)

24-2-2019, 20:00, in Amsterdam (Beth Chabad)

30-3-2019, 20:00, in Maastricht (Pesthuys Podium)

14-5-2019, 20:00, in Amsterdam, Home Show

23-6-2019, 15:00, in Nijmegen's synagogue

26-7-2019, 20:00, in Zwolle, Home Show

8-9-2019, 20:00, in Den Haag Hebrew Library


* The first two performances were followed by a panel of international theatre-makers

from Alaska, Turkey, The Netherlands, and Israel, who performed this play in their languages.

The panel was led by Noam Semel and the actresses performed scenes out of the play,

in their languages, with English surtitles.


With the generous support of Maror

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