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The Child Behind The Eyes

Het kind achter de ogen is the Dutch production of Nava Semel's 'The Child Behind the Eyes' 
(הילד מאחורי העיניים)

It is the story of Debbie, a mother to a child with Down Syndrome. On the morning that he has to go to school for the first time, she's telling about her fears and her hopes; how the outside world relates to her son and to other otherly-abled people. It's a play about love, life and death. Sprinkled with humor, as well as longing and pain. A true theatrical experience.

Directed by Jos Groenier, actress: Loes Hegger, Light design Uri Rapaport, producer: Erga Netz

The premiere of Het kind achter de ogen was on the International Day of Down Syndrome, March 21, 2012. It was a festive event, with exhibition of paintings done by clients of Cordaan and live music of Wimpie en de Domino's.

The Israeli ambassador, Mr. Haim Divon was present, with his wife, and Jetty Mathurin did the 'official kick-off'.

The play was performed numerous times all over The Netherlands, between 2012 and 2016.

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