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Oh, God!
(Hebrew with Dutch Surtitles)

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by Anat Gov

director Iftach Ophir



Iftach Ophir, Erga Netz, and Isaac Lottman


Oh, God! has been applauded by audiences in Israel and worldwide over the past 13 years. 
Here in the Netherlands we will perform an original production, with an Israeli-Dutch cast and with a surprising twist.

Eli, a 40 years old single father and psychologist receives a mysterious phone call from a new and desperate patient, insisting on meeting him immediately. When she arrives, it turns out that she is none other than God, and in a very bad state. Clinically depressed, she wants to put an end to this whole thing called existence. Eli has one hour to change her mind and save the world.

This comedy examines our perceptions of God and her fickle relationship with the humans she created.

Hebrew, with Dutch surtitles.

75 minutes


Amsterdam, CREA theater

Saturday, September 18th, 19:00 + 21:00

Sunday, September 19th, 14:30


Den Haag, Zeeheldentheater

Saturday, September 25th, 20:00

Amsterdam, CREA theater

Wednesday, October 20th, 20:00

Thursday, October 21st, 20:00

Saturday, October 23rd, 20:00



Thursday, June 23, 20:00


Producer: Erga Netz * Production assistant and sound: Ohad Arama *Assistant director: Netta Yedid

Set and light design: Rob van Putten * Costumes: Lior Gal * Cellist: Isaac Lottman * Surtitles operator: Maya Morik 

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