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In Search of the Jewish Secret

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The 30 minute experimental documentary was filmed since 2006 all over the Netherlands, in numerous events of the Jewish and Israeli communities. It's a fast-pace, young-style documentary about values, philosophical and existential issues, dressed in an 'MTV' filmic way.

Op zoek naar het Joodse geheim is supported by Maror, COS, NUT and JMW, and produced by Abrahami-Netz TV Productions, an award-winning company.

Viewers' feedback:
"Just saw the film and was pretty overwhelmed. Such vitality! Such spontaneity! Such clearness! Showing a downright organic relationship between religion, tradition and joy that was quite interesting to watch. What struck me particularly was the cristal-clear setting of their voices – all direct, toptone, conscious, uninhibited, yes spiritual language. Also the songs and the music reflected a background of a long, rich tradition." K van langeraad

"I thought it was a very new way of presenting, very funny, full of hope and very joyful. It was a pleasure to watch." J. Vermaas

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