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How To: Be Or Not To Be

Dutch, Surinamese, African, Catholics, Muslims, Jews: youngsters from all over The Netherlands come to ITS DNA, a unique international, multi-cultural theater school. Together, in spite of what’s dividing them, and making creative use of the differences between them, they adapt Shalom Aleichem’s novel ‘The Bloody Hoax’ to a poignant and highly relevant end-of-the-year theater production.

The 1907 story of a Russian and a Jewish students who exchange identities - because the Russian doesn’t believe it’s so difficult to be a Jew - a story that exposed the deep discrimination and evils of anti-Semitism, turns under the guidance of their mentor-director to a physical theater play, loaded with social, cultural and religious obstacles.

Our documentary “How to: Be or not to Be” weaves these stories together as it moves freely across time, in search of a new cinematic language.


Premiere broadcast on Dutch national Channel 2 (JO) on March 2, 2008, 12:00


Jewish Film Festival of Besalu, Spain, March 2008 World Premiere - Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam, November 11, 2007, 12:00 Second screening: Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam, January 10, 2008 Jewish Eye International Film Festival, Ashkelon, Israel, October 2008 Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA, November 2009 Awards: 


Best documentary, Jewish Film Festival of Besalu, Spain, March 2008

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