A cultural establishment since 1996, creating documentary films, TV shows and theatre productions, with the purpose of promoting peaceful co-existence and tolerance.

The aims of Stichting Rainbow are:
To spread the ideas of peace, tolerance and co-existence, both in small communities and worldwide; In The Netherlands, as well as worldwide, to promote the acceptance of minority groups, and specifically the Jewish minorities, both by the majority and by other minority groups. To promote the values of individual moral responsibility, both toward oneself and toward the community, to encourage creativity and diversity in individuals and groups. To educate and enlighten people of all ages. To promote the Arts, humor, laughter and creativity.

The means for achieving these goals are by the production of educational and artistic projects, films for television, cinema and new media, both documentary and drama films, theatre productions and music concerts. The production of books and art installations, websites, interactive and SMS projects and other, yet to be available media of communication.

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