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"Jewish Circuses Under the Nazi Occupation"


A lecture/show performed by the historian scholar and trapeze artist, Stav Meishar.

An event in honour of the Dutch Liberation Day,

on Sunday, May 9th, 2021 at 20:00

You Are Invited!

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The true stories of Jewish circus artists between the two world wars are told with sensitivity and humor,

based on over seven years of in-depth research.

Combining photos from private albums, recorded testimonies, and personal stories, Stav Meishar will show us scenes from her play "Escape to the Circus," a play which is based on one of the stories she researched: the story of a Jewish acrobat who hid in a German circus during the war.

Join us for a glimpse into a colourful and fascinating world that has so far remained a forgotten memory, between the pages of history.

The event will be in English, via Zoom.

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