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Stichting Rainbow proudly presents

with the Israeli Drama Circle in Amsterdam


Their adaptation of Lysistrata 2000 by Anal Gov,

inspired by the original Lysistrata by Aristophanes.


What happens when women take control?


Written and directed by Hagai Saharai | Music by Yonathan Volfin


Shirit Caplan | Joanna Feldman | Yifat Levron | Erga Netz Tmima Polak

Hagai Saharai | Viki Sasson-Moola | Orna Wertman


First written and performed in Athens over 2,400 years ago, this comedy is one more proof that theatre has no effect in real life.

What more does one need to be convinced to stop wars, than this comic account of women's resilience, that leads to nothing?

As Aristophanes tells in his Lysistrata, the women of Athens and Sparta conided together to put an end to the war between them, by announcing a Sex-Strike, until all men come back home.


Though the message was – and still is – clear, this idea didn’t catch up, as the bloody history of the last 2,400 years teaches us.

Yet, the members of the Israeli Drama Circle in Amsterdam took it upon themselves to revive this message and came up with a fresh new adaptation of Lysistrata.

Who knows, maybe coming from Israeli expats in the Netherlands it will be more convincing?

And maybe in Hebrew it will sound better?


Come, be the judge of that.

Two shows only, in the context of the World Armistice Day,


Saturday, November 11, 20:30


Sunday, November 12, 20:30 in Amsterdam

(for security reasons - wars aren’t over yet - the location of the theater will only be given to ticket-holders)



Supported by Het Cultuurfonds

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